Course Title: Introducting to Corporate Finance

Duration: 8 hours

Cost: R$ 320,00

Objectives of the Course

  • Show a knowledge and understanding of the objectives of the firm.
  • Use and critically evaluate the traditional and discounted cash flow models of investment appraisal.
  • Understand the contribution of portfolio theory to a firm´s view of risk and return.
  • Critically evaluate the capital asset pricing model and its implications.
  • Determine the cost of capital of a firm.

Course Structure:

Organisational and Finanacial Goals

  • The Role of the Financial Manager
  • Shareholder Value v Profit Maximization
  • Corporate Governance


  • Calculating Present Values
  • Valuing Bonds and Common Stocks
  • Investment Appraisal Techniques

Risk and Return

  • Measuring Risk
  • Portfolio Theory
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model

Capital Structure

  • Debt v Equity
  • Capital Structure and Beta
  • Weighted-Average Cost of Capital

*Coffee break included during Saturday class

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