Corporate Governance

Course Title: Fundamentals of Corporate Governance

Duration: 8 hours

Cost: R$ 320,00

Objectives of the Course

  • Explain the legal aspects of corporate governance.
  • Evaluate the main perspectives and issues in the area of corporate governance.
  • Discuss the notorious corporate governance failures and the remedial actions they inspired.
  • Understand the imprortance of information disclosure and company tranparency.
  • Describe the role of both internal and external control systems.

Course Structure:

The Corporate Structure

  • Purpose and Powers of a Corporation
  • Corporate Accountability
  • External Mechanisms for Directing Corporate Behaviour

Theories of Corporate Governance

  • Agency Theory
  • Stakeholder Theory
  • Transaction Cost Theory

Enron: A Case in Corporate Governance Failure

  • Signs of Distress
  • Creative Accounting
  • The Aftermath

Transparency in Corporate Governance

  • Disclosure to Stakeholders
  • Internal Control
  • External Auditing

*Coffee break included during Saturday class

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